It is what sets Hyperclean apart. In an industry renowned for overpromising and under delivering, Hyperclean was established with the clear focus of returning the “service” to the commercial cleaning service industry. Whilst many of our competitors expend a great deal of time and energy developing impressive marketing strategies and winning industry awards, at Hyperclean we understand that what really matters to our clients is consistently receiving the service they were promised, the service they are paying for.

When engaging Hyperclean to care for their cleaning requirements, our clients experience a service that integrates seamlessly into their daily operations. We effectively manage all aspects of your cleaning requirements so that you don’t have to. Entrusting Hyperclean to do what we do best leaves you and your staff free to concentrate on what you do best.

From small to medium sized businesses through to multi storey high rise CBD buildings across all sectors of business and industry including health and aged care, Hyperclean have built a solid reputation for delivering a professional result every time, leading to long term relationships with our clients. Our motto “Exceeding your Expectations” is much more than a cliché, it is the reason we come to work each day!

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements with one of our industry experienced consultants. We guarantee to Exceed your Expectations!