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Hyperclean is rapidly becoming one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the marketplace,
from Gold Coast to Brisbane and beyond. When they hire cleaning contractors, Brisbane area businesses
may be disappointed by the quality of service they receive. Instead, choose Hyperclean--a professional cleaning team that's committed to excellence--to satisfy all your commercial cleaning needs.

By recognising the need for the industry to reverse the deterioration it has seen in quality, service, communication and results during the past decade, we have formulated a superior business plan that
brings us closer to our clients and their commercial cleaning needs.


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What sets Hyperclean apart from contractors in the Brisbane commercial cleaning industry?

  • Quality

    We pride ourselves in our provision of cleaning services to companies in Brisbane, Gold Coast and beyond that far exceed industry standards. All our cleaning work is performed by in-house trained staff, not outside contractors who haven’t the first clue about what’s required for commercial cleaning that exceeds expectations.

  • Service

    As our commercial cleaning customer, you will always enjoy exceptional customer engagement whilst we are onsite, and great follow up and after sales service in-between our services. When it comes to commercial cleaners, Brisbane area businesses will never receive less than the best from Hyperclean.

  • Communication

    Hyperclean has stringent polices that ensure we are delivering information from all facets of our business in a clear, concise and prompt manner. Communications between companies and our cleaners is streamlined by our administrative staff. This way, whether companies are large or small, in Brisbane, Gold Coast or some other area, we can guarantee that your wants and needs are being met completely.

  • Results

    Our Brisbane and Gold Coast area commercial cleaning customers are our number 1 advocates for the work that we do- find out how we can deliver great results for your premises.


Hyperclean Clients

Hyperclean prides itself in being the most innovative Brisbane commercial cleaners available, continually seeking to upgrade our operational methods to provide a continuing guarantee that first class service is received every time. Other commercial cleaning companies or contractors will promise one thing but do another. We’re the team of cleaners that sticks to its word.